Texture Toolkit for UnrealEd

UnrealEd is the official map editor for the Unreal series of video game engines, and various commercial games (most notably, Unreal Tournament/UT2003/UT2004) based upon these engines. The Texture Toolkit for UnrealEd (aka "UEd TexKit") is a collection of several small utilities designed to compensate for some bugs and limitations in UnrealEd's texture import/export functions, and make importing and exporting various types of textures from UnrealEd easier.

This software is designed to work with UnrealEd and related parts of the Unreal Engine, but it was developed independently and is not associated in any way with Epic Games or the Unreal franchise. This software has been released into the public domain by its author, and comes with no warranty of any kind. That having been said, I hope that this will be useful to others, and feedback and suggestions are welcome.


For detailed information about the package, what it contains, and how to use it, please take a look at the ReadMe file which comes with it. Pretty much everything should be there.


The Texture Toolkit is available in two forms:

UEdTexKit-1.0.exe is a self-contained Windows installer. This is the recommended way of installing the Texture Toolkit on your system.

UEdTexKit-1.0.zip -- For those who can't (or for some reason don't want to) use the EXE installer, the Texture Toolkit utilities and source code are also available in a ZIP file. NOTE: Windows File Manager integration will not work properly unless these utilities are installed using the EXE installer.

Troubleshooting and Contact Information

Note: In some cases, if you install new software after the Texture Toolkit which changes file associations for graphic files, some or all of the Texture Toolkit options on the file manager pop-up menus may disappear. If this happens, simply re-install the Texture Toolkit again and it should fix the problem.

If you have problems or feedback regarding the Texture Toolkit, please feel free to contact the author (me) at alex@foogod.com (Please include the word "texkit" somewhere in the subject line, as it will help me ensure that I can see and respond to your message in a timely manner)