About Foogod Systems

Foogod Systems is the technology leader in development of high performance, highly flexible solutions for embedded, point of sale, and kiosk applications. With a proven track record of reliability, customizability, ease of use, and rapid deployment, Foogod Systems has consistently provided best-of-breed turn-key systems and state-of-the-art custom solutions for retail and industrial markets.

Foogod Systems' Orion Point of Sale system and Telos Kiosk Solutions provide easy yet highly configurable turn-key solutions for retail, restaurant, and demonstration applications. Combined with BitSpan network products and the StoneLink security suite, these solutions also feature high mobility and strong security for any application. For more custom applications, Foogod Systems also provides the award-winning Plateau operating system, as well as other individual components and custom hardware and software development expertise and consulting to meet any business need.

For more specific information on Foogod Systems or any of our products, including press kits and product brochures, please contact info@foogod.com.