Recipes and Kitchen Musings

I have come to the conclusion that I spend enough time in my kitchen that I need a section for it on my website. This is when you know it's serious.

I wouldn't say I have a passion for cooking, though I do enjoy baking... it's more that I like eating certain things, and for one reason and another that means making them myself. That's led to adapting recipes, gathering kitchen equipment, and generally developing an interest.

The other angle that seems to head me into the kitchen is gardening. I'm getting better and better yields out of my garden, which means I've become more involved in putting things up and using what I've grown. Thus my interest in canning, the work I've put in on our ancient root cellar, and some of the recipes I've run across for using all those things we've put up.

All in all, I'm doomed. Call me a foodie and get it over with.

Recipes. Lots of things I've adapted, a few I've created.

Toys. When you love using it, it isn't a tool, it's a toy.

Trivial Visions