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Foogod Systems is the technology leader in highly robust, modular, and economical solutions for Point of Sale, Kiosk, Turn-key, and Embedded applications. Featuring award-winning technologies like our Plateau Operating System and BitSpan Wireless networking products at their core, our integrated solutions also feature state-of-the-art application design and modular architecture providing unsurpassed flexibility.

Foogod Systems offers a wide variety of complete solutions, individual components, and custom configurations to meet any business needs. For more complicated or specific applications, we also offer custom consulting, software, and hardware development services. For more information, please choose an area of our site below:

Telos Kiosk Solutions

The Telos suite of turn-key kiosk solutions provides a wide range of terminal types and configuration options to meet your needs. From interactive touch-screen demonstrations to public internet access to sales and vending, the Telos system features many off-the-shelf options to perform common applications, as well as the option of custom hardware configurations and software design to meet more specific needs.

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Orion Point of Sale System

The Orion Restaurant Point of Sale Solution features state-of-the-art features and interface design and an extremely flexible component architecture, so you can tailor it to your exact retail POS needs, all at a fraction of the price of comparable products.

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Other Products

Foogod Systems offers a variety of other products and components, allowing you to custom-build your own solutions, or augment entirely different systems.

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Despite the wide array of pre-built business solutions and products offered by Foogod Systems, sometimes there are applications which really demand custom solutions. This is why we also offer a full range of consulting and development services in addition to our standard product line.

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All Foogod Systems products come with full support via our support website, where you can find information articles, software updates, and access to our skilled support staff.

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