Telos Kiosk Systems

Built upon the award-winning, highly reliable Plateau Operating System, the Telos suite of turn-key kiosk solutions provides a wide range of terminal types and configuration options to meet your needs. From interactive touch-screen demonstrations to public internet access to sales and vending, the Telos system features many off-the-shelf options to perform common applications, as well as the option of custom hardware configurations and software design to meet more specific needs.

Telos kiosks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from free-standing pedestal designs to built-in touchscreens to ultra-portable systems. Telos hardware features a modular design so you can pick and choose the components which are appropriate for your task, including screen types, input devices, card readers, dispensing, audio and video, biometrics, and many other options.

Combined with BitSpan technologies and StoneLink security, Telos kiosks can go almost anywhere and do almost anything with guaranteed security and reliability. No need to run cumbersome cables or work with complicated security solutions, it's all built in.

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