StoneLink Secure Communications

Worried about wireless security? StoneLink Security Software for Wireless Applications is a suite of pre-built applications and embeddable software components designed to take the complexity out of ensuring data integrity and security for your applications over any communication medium.

Beyond the basic encryption provided by many other products, StoneLink provides strong end-to-end encryption and authentication with easy set-up, seamless integration into existing architectures, and guaranteed compatibility from the server level to desktops, kiosks, handheld devices, all the way down to custom embedded applications with a minimum of overhead and development time. Our patented QuickSynk technology makes managing encryption keys and pre-authentication of communications almost trivial, and allows easy deployment of secure architectures in previously problematic situations.

The StoneLink suite of security products are available in a variety of configurations to precisely meet your security needs. To get more information or set up a consultation, please contact